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Alumium braket

Easy to install, with no rust, improving the pressure and corrosion resistance, so as to ensure a long outdoor service life, without fear of rust or plate corrosion.

High-strength Plated Surface Material

The surface is specially made of low-iron tempered glass, to achieve high light transmittance and low reflectivity, and is also firm, durable and hailstone impact resistant. The heat-collected glass doesn’t contact with any working fluid, so as to the problem of scale formation. The flat plate glass with its special coating is easy to wash and maintain. For large area solar collector panel groups especially, wash the dirt using a piping type washing system, to ensure the glass surface is clean and to improve the exposure to sunlight.

Insulation made of Polyurethane

The insulation is made of Polyurethane, production by U.S.A Huntsman Group, and keeps heat up to 72h.

High-tech Blue Titanium Absorbing coating

The high-tech blue titan absorbtive coating used by the collector can greatly improve the heat absorption efficiency. Ferroli absorbing coating is continuously plated on the collector by vacuum treatment. The absorbability of solar energy can reach 95%, with reflectivity of only 5%. Meanwhile the copper heat collecting pipe used has better heat transfer effect, with heat exchange efficiency 30% more than a general solar collector panel. Blue titanium coating has not only high absorptivity, but is also is able to store heat energy while reducing reflection.


Anti-aging, durable, shock-proof…